WisBar Advance

WisBar Advance 4.0.7

Task manager for your Pocket PC

WisBar Advance 2 expands upon the successful task management features found in the original WisBar Advance. Now more tightly integrated with the PocketPC operating system, WisBar Advance provides greater responsiveness and a richer user experience.

WisBar Advance 2 brings new life to your PocketPC with the ability to change the appearance of your system to a degree not matched in other software.

Main features include:

  • Close, minimize or ignore any application
  • Switch between any application currently running on your device
  • Provides a cascading start menu (like in the picture above)
  • Never miss a system notification again with the new dynamic notification icon
  • Tap and hold the OK button to cancel a dialog
  • Add or remove functions to the taskbar
  • Each button on the taskbar can be assigned a tap and a tap-and-hold action
  • Change the appearance of the taskbar, menubar, buttons and start menu in any program
  • Supports high-resolution and landscape mode skins
  • Customize the clock's appearance on the taskbar
  • Hear sounds for system events, just like on your desktop
  • Download and install themes created by other people
  • Available in many languages

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WisBar Advance


WisBar Advance 4.0.7

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